Seriously, we hope you never have to call 911. But since it could happen to anyone anywhere at any time, you may need to make that dreaded call.

But now you can place that emergency call with one tap, without fumbling around with your keypad.

"I designed this application because I was in a an emergency situation in my car and needed to contact emergency services. However, it was too difficult under the circumstances, and I was unable to make the call. What I really needed was an app that would dial emergency services easily and in a minimum of taps. That's how NineOneOne was born."
-- Evan K. Stone, Interactive Logic


  • The Big Button leads the way to safety.
  • NineOneOne prevents accidental dialing, while remaining incredibly easy and straightforward.


  • Emergency Number can be set to any number.
  • Dial warning can be disabled to reduce number of taps even further.